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home INTERNATIONAL CUISINES Recipe for Sea trout confit and torched | ginger soy | squid ink | lightly pickled girolles and seaweed

Recipe for Sea trout confit and torched | ginger soy | squid ink | lightly pickled girolles and seaweed

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400 gm seatrout
for Curing
100g muscavado sugar
100g maldon salt
2g grated kaffir lime zest
50g kikkoman soy sauce
For confit
200g clarified butter
20g kaffir lime leaf
Lightly pickled vegetables
20g fresh girolles mushrooms
4no. baby radish
20g  salted irish moss seawed
40g celery sliced

pickling liquid

50g apple vinegar
100g still water
10 g salt
40 g sugar
1no. baby leaf, 2g peppercorn
ginger soy sauce
10g fine chopped ginger
50g kikkoman  soy
10g squid ink
To finish
1 no. green apple
5g lemon balm
3 no. ripened baby plum tomato


cooking Time – 35 min
  • for Curing

clean and cut fish fillet in to 100g size four portions ensure all bloodline removed. mix all ingredients together and rub ion fish covering all side cover and keep refrigerated for 15 mins. use a wet towel and wipe of all curing mixture . keep ready for confit 

  • For confit

bring butter with lightly beater kaffir lime leaf to 45c temperature . confit trout for 17 minutes and keep aside

  • Lightly pickled vegetables

wash and prep all vegetables as shown in picture, soak sewed in warm water once soft pick and keep in cold water 

  • pickling liquid

bring to boil all mentioned ingredients bring down to lukewarm temperature pour on top of prepared vegetables. squeeze out water from seaweed and mix in with the pickled vegetables

  • ginger soy sauce

reduce soy and ginger to half , add squid ink lightly cook till a smooth thick sauce is produced

  • To finish

cut green apple to match stick size, take the tomato caviar (the seeds), pick lemon balm
using a kitchen towel sauce the plate, light brush confit trout with kikkoman soy sauce, give a charred colour using blow torch , trim to show the colour on sides place on top of sauce and arrange pickled vegetables, tomato caviar and lemon balm as shown in picture

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